About me !

Welcome to my page. I write about my travel and camping trips. I hope you will enjoy reading them.

For older adventures before 2019 please visit this site MyOwnWay2014.

Snow Camping 2020 https://ylemwind.wordpress.com/camping-trips/snow-camping-trip-2020/

My first trip to Europe https://ylemwind.wordpress.com/dubrovnik/

Europe 2019

Vancouver trip 2019 https://ylemwind.wordpress.com/vancouver-bc-2019/

Vancouver BC 2019

Grand Canyon 2019 https://ylemwind.wordpress.com/camping-trips/cricket-and-cats/

Grand Canyon Trip

Snow camping in Yosemite 2019 https://ylemwind.wordpress.com/camping-trips/a-snow-trip/

Snow Camping

Horsetail fall 2019 https://ylemwind.wordpress.com/camping-trips/horsetail-fall-2019/

Horsetail Fall 2019

Australia – New Zealand 2019 https://ylemwind.wordpress.com/travel/a-bit-below-down-under/

Australia – New Zealand Trip